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  1. Rub Carolina BBQ Seasoning generously on the top side of the thawed out baby backs, and then lather them up with some Sweet Baby Ray's. 

  2. Next, wrap the ribs tightly with aluminum foil and place them in your oven for 3 hours @ 275 degrees.

  3. Place foil or a cookie sheet under the ribs to catch any juice that may leak out. 

  4. Check on the tenderness of the ribs about 2 1/2 hours in. Too tender or falling off the bone will make it difficult to finish them off on the grill.

  5. Pull them from the oven and baste them again on both sides with Sweet Baby Ray's and place them on your grill.

  6. At this point they are completely cooked, so just leave them on the grill to darken the exterior and douse them one more time with the sauce to keep from getting dry.

  7. Serve with a Spanish Red, Shiraz, or a Red Zinfandel.

Baby back ribs, Carolina bbq seasoning
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